Multilingual-based Korean Language Education Platform
Solely with a smartphone anywhere in the world, you can access Hangeul and Korean culture by level and theme through GANADARA. Through the long-term memory learning process, you can improve your Korean in a short period. You can currently use GANADARA in English, Chinese, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, and the service language will be expanded to Spanish, Japanese, etc., in the first half of next year.
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Learn Korean? No! Learn Korea!
Learn a new language easier and more fun with GANADARA. By cheering up foreign friends who have similar interests with me, earn opportunities for various and fun experiences in a wider world. GANADARA cheers you on to enjoy the infinite understanding of a new language.
Introduction to GANADARA system
Expressions for Real Life Korean Conversation
Clever people learn a new language in half a day!
Hangeul(Korean language), one of the most difficult languages for people in English-speaking countries, is actually the easiest scientific language to learn. GANADARA created an easy-learning curriculum by following the creative principle of Hangeul after long research. There is an expression in Korean that says,
"Even fools can learn Korean in a week, and smart people learn it in half a day."
'GANADARA' focuses on easy methods of learning Korean for non-native speakers! If you follow the systematic learning system of GANADARA, Korean will become a daily language befor you realize it.
1. Magic Hangeul Phonics
Magic Hangeul Phonics
2. Grammar & Expression
Grammar & Expression
3. Voca
4. Listening & Speaking
Listening & Speaking
5. Real Korean
Real Korean
7. Culture
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